Aiming at our customers' satisfaction and success

Ovako Metals offers its customers warehouse and factory deliveries in Finland and the Baltic countries.

The product range includes special steels in mechanical engineering, stainless steels, copper and brass.

Our domestic and other European suppliers represent the best in their field. Ovako Metals buy special steels from Ovako's own factories, so the entire value chain from manufacturing, warehousing, sales and distribution is in its own hands.

Product warehousing, sawing services and distribution are centralized in a modern logistics center in Tampere.

Our sales offices are located in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.

Ovako Metals Oy Ab is part of the Ovako Group.



Ovako's distribution business has its roots in 50 years and operations as a metal processor in Imatra began as early as 1915.

We have been operating in Finland since 1965, and until April 1, 2015 we operated for almost 20 years under the name Tibnor Oy.

In 2015 Ovako expanded and strengthened its operations in Finland by establishing a new distribution company, Ovako Metals Oy Ab.